Discover the invisible in high resolution
The MegaVision EV system not only captures the most accurate colors and visible details but it also captures high resolution ultraviolet images and high resolution near Infrared images over 5 different NIR bands. With 50 MP images in each of the bands the EV system creates the highest resolution UV and NIR images available in any system.

All layers in perfect register
Checking for important elements in the UV and NIR images are easy and convenient, because all captured images from the visible and invisible can be stacked in perfectly registered layers. No more trouble of matching size, resolution and position of images taken with different systems.
The EV System is used for:
– revealing palimpsested text in ancient manuscripts
– showing under-sketches in paintings
– finding latent fingerprints
– discovering previous conservation, alterations, forgeries, etc.

Document changes and ageing
The process of acquiring the data with the MegaVision EV system set is sufficiently repeatable that it can be performed weeks, months, years, or generations later to identify and analyze changes that have occurred in the original.

This way the data set can be used to document and analyze changes over time caused by ageing,  or even to document changes to the treasures occurring while being out on loans.

Archiving one set of files tells it all.
Wanting to archive a digital version of the treasures for the future?
Why not make the digital capture as complete as possible and be sure to make the digital archive a great value for generations to come?

A file set created with the MegaVision EV system holds all the data needed for future reproduction and  research of colors, details, invisible elements and ageing.
The captured image data set is sufficiently replete that it provides a “visual DNA” of a cultural heritage treasure.

Reproduce – Most accurate colors
The MegaVision EV hyperspectral system captures images with 7 light bands in the visible spectrum, making it easy to capture all the colors which are not normally accurately reproduced by a RGB based camera systems.
The color accurate hyperspectral images are processed by the MegaVision software into CIELab based color images files, which are ideal for archiving and reproduction.

Reproduce – Best details
The EV Hyperspectral system also has the advantage of multi-shot imaging: full color at every pixel, with no interpolation.
In the EV Hyperspectral system only the color of the light changes between the captures ensuring perfect registration between the color channels of the image.
The result is images with details as good as the lens allows and at much higher quality than any one shot camera images.